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Technology Streams



In the Connectivity technology stream, TPL offer Consulting, Auditing, Design and Project Management services across a wide variety of technologies:

  • ICT Infrastructure

  • Converged Networks

  • CCTV Systems

  • Security System 

  • Wireless networks

  • Data Centres

  • OSP (Outside plant, Telco, GPON and Industrial)

  • Access Control Systems

  • Nurse Call and Patient tracking

  • Network Audits

  • Enterprise Networks



Ensuring uptime for your ICT is often business  critical. We analyse and design the  UPS system taking into consideration your:

  • Uptime required

  • Load fluctuation

  • Power “Cleansing” requirement

  • System prioritisation

  • System sizing

  • Maintenance & contracts

  • Online managed systems


We also design the Telecommunications Earthing systems for our projects.



Cooling of ICT equipment is crucial. With extremely high temperatures and humidity in Australia, ensuring your equipment is kept within its heat threshold in the correct environment is a must.

ICT load cooling design is critical to the reliability of your network. TPL can help with:

  • Thermal Cooling Design

  • High Density Cooling

  • Small Office IT Cooling

  • Containment Systems

  • Plenum & CRAC design

  • Overhead chillers

  • Direct Exchange System Design

  • Free Air Cooling options

Modern Office Building

Space & Environment

In any building, space and environment is always at a premium. All to often there is not enough consideration given to the ICT space requirements. We help optimise the environment and space utilisation through intelligent design:

  • Telecommunication room sizing

  • Data Centre, Rack and Plant layout design

  • Smart Building Management Systems (BMS)

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS Leak Detection, Temp & Humidity etc)

  • DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management)

  • CAN (Cloud Access Node)

  • Space Optimisation

  • Facilities and plant equipment locations

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