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Introducing Physical Layers Agile PMaaS

Need a project delivered, but dont have the resources or budget?
We've got you covered.

The size of the project doesn’t always speak for its importance. At TPL Connect we understand your head count restraints and operational expenditure budgets, which is why have launched our Agile PMaaS.


No matter the size or complexity of the project TPL can package a PMaaS Solution to deliver to your budget, schedule and time frames.


The huge advantages are:

  • Only pay for the time you need

  • No headcount increases

  • No lost salary expenses on expensive contracts 

  • Have a 3 Month project and only budget for 2 weeks Project Management? Perfect thats PMaaS

  • Totally client controlled engagement, stop, start or pause the engagement and project as you wish

  • Know your budget up front

  • Receive the services of a dedicated, qualified and experienced PM without hiring


Does this sound like something your company and managers would be interested in? So did we.


Fill in the below contact form and we will back to you in a flash with more information.


Or feel free to call us on 1300 88 58 54


Thank you, we will be in contact soon!

By engaging the PMaaS model with TPL, your team becomes completely Agile, and looks elastic in its ability to deliver projects seamlessly at any time with any work load.


With TPL's PMaaS your PMO is now the dynamic delivery focused team you always wanted it to be.


This is the future of Project Management services giving you extra budget and time to deliver your scope.


We truly look forward to helping your deliver your next project successfully and profitably.

Case Study example saving using PMaaS:


TPL delivered a communications room over a 3 month period, here’s the Contractor vs PMaaS;


Contractor Costs for 3 month engagement:

Total Cost: $75,600


Using TPL’s Agile PMaaS engagement

Project Scoped

Total Cost: $12,000 delivered on time and budget


Savings for Client: $63,600

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